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Are you a passionate hairdresser or looking to commence in the industry and seeking a salon that aligns with your values and embraces the power of nature? Or are you looking for something different and to explore and learn about the world of Holistic Hairdressing?

We are currently hiring Senior Stylists, Colour Specialists and Apprentices of all levels.

There is multiple positions available across our two locations: Narrabundah ACT and Nicholls.


We are have some wonderful job opportunities at our beautiful and wholesome biodynamic salons, where the well-being of people and the planet take precedence over profit.


Step into a nourishing environment that celebrates the art of hairstyling while promoting sustainability, following naturopathic principles, and embracing the rhythms of nature.

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Note to Colour Specialists:

Biodynamic hair colour is a transformative innovation in the world of haircare. By harnessing the power of nature, it creates stunning and unique hair colours that outshine conventional chemical-driven products. Biodynamic colour not only delivers incredible results in terms of vibrant and long-lasting hues but also ensures the utmost care for your hair. It is a harmonious blend of natural ingredients and sustainable practices, promoting healthy hair and a healthier planet. With biodynamic colour, you can achieve the beautiful hair colours you desire while embracing a more eco-conscious and health-conscious approach to haircare, proving that nature's brilliance can truly outperform synthetic alternatives. In other words - these products absolutely deliver.


Holistic Hairdressing

 Join a salon that integrates the principles of biodynamics and wellness into every aspect of our services. We prioritise the use of natural, organic, and sustainable products that work in synergy with the body, hair, and the Earth.

Complimentary Hair Services and Discounts

As a valued team member, hair services are complimentary and we offer 40% of retail products for all our wonderful staff. We have also paired up with neighbouring businesses whom offer their own discounts to all our wonderful team.

Ethical Values

 Be part of a salon that upholds values centred around people, the environment, and the natural flow of life. We are committed to promoting eco-friendly practices, supporting fair trade initiatives, and prioritising the well-being of our clients and staff.

Nurturing Culture

Experience a salon that celebrates the connection between inner and outer beauty. We foster a culture of self-care, personal growth, and holistic well-being. Our team members are encouraged to grow both professionally and personally while embracing a balanced lifestyle.

Generous Wages and Inclusions

We value our people and offer generous wages, plus multiple commission streams, alongside paid mental health days, wellness program, ongoing training, staff events and other incentives. The extra bonus? No Saturdays at work so you have your weekend to yourself.

Client Satisfaction

Delight in the satisfaction of knowing your work positively impacts your clients, honouring their individuality and enhancing their natural beauty. Our salon is renowned for providing exceptional service and an experience that transcends traditional hairstyling.



  • Proven experience as a professional hairdresser , with a diverse portfolio showcasing your expertise in various styles and techniques or commencing/continuing an apprenticeship.

  • A kind and nurturing manner with a great work ethic and the ability to work well as a part of a team.

  • Passionate about or willingness to learn about the holistic hair space, biodynamic and naturopathic principles, as well as sustainable hairstyling practices.

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills, with the ability to attentively listen to clients' needs and provide tailored solutions.

Embark on a journey that blends artistry, sustainability, and nature's wisdom. If you are an inspired hairdresser looking to make a difference while embracing natures principles, we invite you to apply. Together, let's create stunning hairstyles that honour the rhythms of nature and wellbeing, nurture our planet, and uplift those who walk through our doors.

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Hours are flexible and negotiable for the right candidates. All applications and enquiries will be kept confidential.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter outlining your passion for the industry and learning more about the holistic world of hair to Trudy at

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