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At Pura, we LOVE weddings! We absolutely adore being able to work with Brides during the lead up to their special day as well as on one of the most important, exciting and nerve-wracking days of their beautiful life. 




12 weeks before the day

As the lead up to a wedding day can be a busy time, this can have a great effect on cortisol levels and gut health, which in turn have a direct effect to not only your wellbeing but also your hair and your skin. Our in-house Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Coach can help you work out a plan for inner and outer wellness leading up to your wedding day - and beyond. You may also like to ask about the Healthy Living Program of which we are passionate about.

6 - 8 weeks before the day

Colour and hair texture is an important aspect to the visual side of a beautiful updo so we encourage our wonderful Brides to have a hair trial at least 6 weeks out from their special day. Not only will your Stylist spend 60 - 75 minutes fully present with you creating your perfect look, they will also give guidance on and suggest any colour, style changes or treatments that may enhance their desired hairstyle for your big moment. 

Your Stylist will consult with you leading up to the wedding about a take-home hair care plan in order to nourish your gorgeous locks. Healthy Hair is essential for the most beautiful outcome for your wedding hair.

1 - 2 weeks before the day

Around 2 weeks prior to your wedding day, aim to come into the salon for a deep conditioning treatment and a cup of comforting tea. 1 week prior to is when the colour magic happens and final trim, for wedding-ready hair. 

We also partner with our neighbouring Beauty Salon 'Blush Boutique' who will be honoured to create a skincare plan, provide waxing and spray tan services as well as your beautiful makeup for the day of your wedding. Great skin is essential for great makeup, so you may wish to join their SkinFit program for the ultimate road to flawless, glowing skin. 


On the day of your wedding, we want to make our Brides feel as calm and relaxed as possible. For In-House Bridal Experiences, we offer the use of our chill-out zone for Bridal Partys to bring food and champagne to share with their team. For an extra fee, we can organise a special grazing platter to be served with love to you.

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”

The Chaos of the Stars


The following packages are collaboration between 






Hair and Makeup for 4 People

  • Hair & Makeup for you & three people

  • Hair touch-up kit which includes hair lacquer & pins

  • Makeup touch-up kit for the bride which includes a lipstick, eyelash glue for those just-in-case moments, all in a stylish makeup bag.

  • Makeup touch-up lipsticks for your bridesmaids

  • A fully customised hair & makeup trial for the very special bride

  • Travel to your location in the ACT on your wedding day

  • A little wedding gift from the Styling Team

Additional people (all inclusive) - $299 per person.

Flower girls complimentary with all-inclusive packages of 4 or more people.

For a 'Hair only', package, personalised package or travel outside the ACT,

please contact us for a customised quote.

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