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Image by Chinh Le Duc


Pura Holistic Hair Studio: Hair with wellness enhanced by Nature. Welcome to our Beautiful Space. We are so glad you are here.

Our Holistic Hair Studio is a place....

Where Nature meets the Holistic approach to Hair, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Where the from the inside out and outside in approach meets strong underlying Naturopathic Principles.

Where Trichology and Scalp Therapy meets Nature's finest Biodynamic and Organic ingredients.

Where Sustainabilty meets Luxury.

Where Pampering meets Healing.

Where Nature meets Nurture.

Where Passion meets Purpose.

This is Pura.

Organic. Plant-Based. Sustainable. Beautiful.


"It has always been my vision to be able to live in a world where everyone felt valued and where the planet and it's inhabitants thrived. Where we came back to our roots of nature, and the hearts bursting with the pure love that we were born with. I wanted to create a Business that values our Mother Earth and it's people over profit, that stood for Organic, Sustainability, the Healing Power of Nature, took responsibility for change in all aspects of our being and gave back to the greater purpose. 


The Hairdressing Industry has long been an Industry that contributes quite significantly to the carbon footprint and uses many harmful chemicals that can negatively impact the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the planet. Here at Pura, we are creating change. Without our health, vitality and community - we truly have very little. It is true, that modern science and ancient traditions of nature can work in synergy to allow people to live fulfilled, healthy, purposeful lives.

When I dreamt of Pura, I dreamt of incorporating my other skills in Nutritional Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, NLP Coaching and my current study of my Naturopathic Medicine degree into the Hairdressing field and our Hair studio. It was essential that it was a place where we drew the talents and skills from our staff and allowed them to flourish and thrive. Pura is a hub to make change, and a place where over time can and will create bigger impact for good in many other ways in future.

Health (and healthy hair) isn't just about what products we use on our hair and body -  it is also about what we are feeding the inside, both physically and mentally. Our space is a place of pure energy, where people come together and nurture true, authentic connections in a welcoming and empowering environment. After all, it is shown we become the average of the 5 people we hang around the most. Confidence, Health and Vitality is what I believe can be created for all beings on this beautiful earth - with Salon visits being a contributor to this. This is a huge driving factor for my inner and outer wellness approach throughout all aspects of Pura and through my own personal life.


As someone who understands that living all areas of life within our own core values is a huge party of creating peace and harmony within, it was essential for me to filter all of those values across our Salon. For this, Pura has combined low-tox choices, high vibrating energy, organic food and integrated health aspects and modalities alongside the standalone world of hairdressing. The holistic approach to 'Hair with Wellness' includes the activation of all 5 senses, as well as the connection of Hair Body, Mind and Spirit. After all, our hair tells us a lot about our health, contributes to our health and is also believed to be a very spiritual aspect of a being in many cultures. I wanted to be able to make significant differences and a positive impact outside of the aesthetics side of hair.


 When vision, passion and purpose plus the desire to create a better world meet - big things happen.

Thank you for being a part of this vision, where we thrive, holistically, together.

We, and the planet are grateful for you."

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