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Without our Health and Vitality, we haven't much at all. At Pura, your health and that of our staff are of utmost priority. That is why in Salon, we offer not only the use of and education of low-tox products and Holistic Hair Treatments but also the service of Wellness Coaching with our resident Holistic Coach and Nutritional Therapist, who also happens to be our wonderful Salon Owner and Director.

Healthy Hair isn't just about what products we use on our hair and body -  it is also about what we are feeding the inside, both physically and mentally. That is why it is a passion of ours to help people become holistically happy and well, for beautiful healthy hair and happy hearts.

You can chat with us about our Healthy Living Program and if you wish book in for an extensive total wellness consultation and a personalised plan. We also host workshops throughout the year on hair and wellness, to educate you and empower you in all aspects of your life.

Our environment is welcoming and filled with pure energy, a place where we come together and nurture true, authentic connections in a welcoming and empowering environment. After all, it is shown we become the average of the 5 people you hang around the most.

During your visits, you will be offered a wonderful health-supportive Tea from our menu as well as optional purchasable consumables such as naturopathic chocolate. Botanical oils are used for our pre-service and basin rituals in order to support your wellbeing.

Confidence, Health and Vitality is what we want for all beings on this beautiful earth. This is a huge driving factor for our inner and outer wellness approach.

Continue Below for Trichology & Holistic Treatments 


1. exuberant physical strength or mental vigor

2. capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence

3. power to live or grow

4. vital force (the force that animates and perpetuates living beings and organisms).

 ~ ~

Holistic Treatments



Our Oway Tricho-Derm Scalp analysis is a Trichology exclusive-to-Pura service for our Guests. We are currently Canberra and surrounds only Salon to offer a fully customised scalp and hair treatment plan diagnosed with the Oway Tricho-Analyzer Hair and Scalp Microscope.

This provides an interactive and magnified view of the hair and scalp in order to prescribe a hair and scalp treatment plan. Some concerns that can be addressed include dandruff, excess sebum, scalp irritation or sensitivity, dermatitis, and hair loss. We can also treat many conditions of the hair in a more holistic and natural approach.

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Lunar Herbs and Clay

Detox Treatment 

Stress, aggressive treatments and an intense daily life put the balance of your body to the test, and that includes your scalp and hair. Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser, the OW regenerating experience that frees you from stress and toxins, restoring vitality to your hair and scalp and preventing imbalances and problems in them. 100% natural cleansing peeling which combines the medicinal effectiveness of biodynamic Savory Leaves and Horsetail stems with the purifying and detoxifying virtues of Amazonian pink clay and of Soap nuts, the aromatherapeutic power of the natural, biodynamic essential oil blends. 


This treatment commences with our pre-service ritual followed by a basin cleanse. The powdered clay mask will be then mixed with a specific essential oil blended and applied to your scalp for detoxification. A custom hair mask will follow accompanied by an extended scalp massage and hot towel. Your service will finish with a detoxification herbal tea and blow-dry/style.

This treatment is not recommended with a colour service and is a standalone treatment or add-on with a haircut service. 

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Soon, we will be offering some more beautiful holistic head and hair treatments designed not only for your scalp requirements but also for your total wellbeing.

The following is one of the many coming to us at Pura very soon.

Introducing farm to salon with 'Flowerfall'. 

Flowerfall introduces two new unforgettable experiences coming in-salon soon:

1. Hydro-dhara

A ritual that deeply relaxes mind and body, harmonising them.

Alleviates stress, tiredness and emotional tensions rebalancing the nervous system. Fights chronic headaches and hypertension, stimulates memory and concentration.


2. Healthy Ageing Floral Waterfall

An infusion of biodynamic floral waters, ethical Araza and essential oils that enables your hair to recover energy and youth. Gives an aromatherapeutic energy boost.

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