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Top tips on how to care for your hair, holistically and with LOVE

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Oh how we love thy hair for SO many reasons. Hair is such a huge part of our identity, and for many, such a 'feel-good' factor. Hair also can tell us a LOT about our health with the vitamins and minerals it holds (or doesn't) and health can also effect our hair. Hair, in many cultures is a spiritual aspect and is believed to be an extension of our senses.

Hair is a gift, and LOVES to be fuelled with Nature and Science.

Here are our quick tips on how to carefully move your way to healthy hair, via the holistic approach.

1. Eat a nutrient-rich wholefoods diet.

In order to have gorgeous hair, we must start with healthy hair. One of the best ways to get healthy hair is by eating a healthy wholefoods diet and focusing on wellness as a whole. Although hair essentially amounts to a bunch of dead cells, a good amount of nutrients are needed to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong. Our body (and hair) THRIVES on a diet which has a broad range of wholefoods that are seasonal and local. Hair LOVES B vitamin and Iron rich foods like Dark leafy greens, Dark Legumes, Mushrooms, Quinoa, Sunflower seeds - the range is HUGE. The key here is to eat a range, and once again aim to eat seasonal and local.

The Scalp LOVES being nourished via it's essential fatty acids which can only come from our diet, so ensure that you add these into your meals. Sources include Flaxseed, Chia Seed, Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds, Hemp - keep it clean and whole!

2. Avoid washing your hair everyday.

Try to wash or co-wash your hair every 2-3 days, rather than every day. When you wash your hair too often, over washing can strip away the natural oils produced by your scalp which help to keep your hair healthy. When these oils are stripped away, your hair can become brittle and your scalp may begin to overproduce oil in order to compensate, which could make your hair very greasy and create scalp sensitivity. Whilst you are transitioning, you can use a plant-based hair refresher, similar to a dry shampoo, (we Love OWAYs) - on the days you don’t use an actual shampoo if you feel the need to wash your hair. Standard dry shampoos can irritate the scalp and respiratory system, so we much prefer to use a plant based hair refresher. When you decrease how often you wash your hair, your hair will feel cleaner for longer after you do wash it. If you suffer from oily hair - never fear, your hair will adjust over time. You may wish to visit us for a specialised scalp treatment and to create a plan to help resolve any scalp issues you may be having.

3. Decrease your stress levels.

Stress has a HUGE effect on Hair and Scalp Health. Increased Stress Levels can lead to a condition called Telogen Effluvium due to the rise in cortisol and change in hormones. This condition essentially puts a large volume of hair into the resting phase within the growth cycle. This means that over a few months, hair loss can occur. On top of Telogen Effluvium, increased stress levels can lead to decreased nutrient absorption or nutrient depletion - which means there may not be much left to spare to send to the hair follicle to nourish it. Ensure that you decrease your stress level via a means that works for you. Some examples include meditation, breathwork practices, exercise, nature walks, journalling time, and of course - sleep.

4. Use professional low-tox products, on your hair, scalp and body, plus within all aspects of your home.

Many supermarket products contain chemicals which can actually cause more damage to your hair, irritate your scalp as well as can have other effects on your body. Some ingredients can clog up the pores that produce natural oils and dry out your hair. In order to maintain and create gorgeous hair at home, it is important to choose low-tox, high-grade products that are designed to work deep into your hair and scalp. We love OWAY because with the biodynamic medicinal herbs in their products it’s possible to obtain precious actives and essential oils according to natural processes. The essential oils not only give rise to intoxicating fragrances (not synthetic fragrances), but they are also functional active ingredients on hair and emanate calming, restoring and refreshing effects on mind and body.

We also choose to align ourselves with Everescents, a gorgeous Australian Certified Organic brand that also works with essential oils and the healing power of nature.

Remember, healthy hair also comes from a healthy body and mind so be sure where possible, to transition your lifestyle into a low-tox lifestyle for enhanced wellness that filters through to all aspects of your body - including your luscious locks.

5. Use a hair and/or scalp treatment weekly and treat yourself to regular in salon advanced treatments.

Hair and/or scalp treatments are a necessary part of healthy, luscious hair. Just as it is recommended to do weekly, or bi-weekly face masks for gorgeous glowing skin, it is recommended that you give your hair some self-care weekly with a low-tox, nature-potent hair mask or treatment that has been prescribed for your personal hair and scalp type or condition. Alongside this, visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks for an advanced, specialised treatment for your hair and scalp will do your hair wonders - your scalp, after-all, is an extension of your skin and your hair forms a barrier where there is potential for buildup. Think of these regular in-salon treatments like a facial for your hair. You can choose to add this onto your next cut and colour service, or many like to treat themselves to a treatment and blowave in between your other technical service visits.

6. Protect your hair from damage.

We love gorgeous, glossy hair - and we know you do too! In order to care for your hair, aim to let your hair air-dry as often as possible. After washing, squeeze excess moisture from your hair and towel dry, preferably with a soft towel or hair chamois - we love the brand Ettitude’s bamboo lyocell hair towel (available in Salon). These are a lot gentler than standard towels and they help avoid pulling on your hair which can create breakage and damage. Ensure that you use a leave in moisturiser as well as a heat protectant if you are heat styling your hair. Think of your heat protectant like a sunscreen - without it there will be long term damage from the heat source. Lastly, use a vegan mock silk pillowcase as it protects your hair from pulling and breaking whilst you are sleeping - we love Ettitude's Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcases which are available for purchase in Salon.

7. Visit us regularly!

Just like we visit our health care practitioners, dentists, nail technicians - whatever else it may be regularly, it is highly recommended that you pay us at Pura regular visits, in order to maintain the health, integrity and look of your precious locks. Whilst it is a myth that regular trims help your hair 'grow faster', regular trims certainly maintain the health of your hair by trimming off any split ends early, before they start to rise up the hair shaft and break the structure of your hair - thus preventing breakage and dryness. Colours using our plant-based, organic low-tox products also add moisture and shine into your hair, for that gorgeous, glossy glow.

Cheers, to gorgeous, glossy, healthy hair!

With love,

Pura Team


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