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Curls, Curls, Curls.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi Curlies!

At Pura, we love to help you achieve a beautiful, low maintenance haircut that both your curls and you LOVE. Each head of curly hair is so unique and we want you to be able to embrace your curl pattern and feel confident in wearing your hair's natural beauty. When it comes to curly hair, we have developed our own method to ensure that long term hair and scalp health are maximised, alongside a beautiful style.

We believe in nurturing all hair types including curly hair to its healthiest state, inclusive of nourishing your scalp - the root (pardon the pun) - of total long-term hair health. Scalp health is KEY. We do this by the holistic approach to healthy hair, manual scalp manipulation methods, plant-based, organic and low-tox/no-tox products as well as other techniques to enhance the health of your hair and encourage beautiful, frizz-free/trauma-free hair. We combine the best dry cutting and individual curl cutting techniques with our creativity and at appropriate times, wet cutting techniques that may be required for your best result. We treat every head of hair as individual as not one size fits all. Thats why, at Pura, our professional approach is to use our technical knowledge, ongoing upskilling and creativity for the best outcome.

Here are a few things to help you prepare for your appointment:

  • Please come with your hair out and washed either the day of or day before your haircut. Style as you normally would - it is absolutely fine to come with product in your hair, provided that your hair doesn't feel crunchy or sticky and your hair is sitting softly in it's natural form. Try to avoid any heavy oils that weigh your hair down and elongate your curls.

  • Please ensure that your hair is completely dry and hasn't been tied up.

  • Your stylist will help guide your for a style that will work with your hair, enhancing what you love about your hair and addressing what you would like to change. Alongside this, if you have a specific hair style goal in mind, pictures are a great way to portray this so your stylist can get a more accurate overall picture of your hair goals so they can provide you with the most optimal result.

Our goal is to help you create longevity in beautiful, hydrated, glossy, buoyant and nourished curls that you can look after at home with ease.

We look forward to having you in salon to enjoy a cup of organic tea, a little bit of pampering and a whole lot of curly love!


The Pura Team

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