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Lockdown Hair Revival

Our wonderful Salon Manager Dee, takes you through all the do's and don'ts for your hair during lockdown. Happy Hair Care!

Oh lockdown our old friend, how we reluctantly see you again. If you are thinking ‘holy shizz, how are we gonna get through this again’, well you are not alone. In fact we are all in this together…truly.

Placing our focus on the positives and distancing ourselves from the constant barrage of ‘COVID’ talk…lord knows we’ve had enough of that. Now is the perfect time to do some inner and outer lovin’. Take this opportunity to take a walk in sun, admire our glorious Canberra, slow down your mind whilst meditating or appreciate your beautiful body with some wholesome food and yoga…or bugger it all, pour yourself a glass of wine and take a deep breathe. It’s going to be okay.

We may not be able to control our current circumstances but one thing we can control is our hair. We’ve never been graced with this time to hibernate before so let’s use it wisely!!!

I know already what your gonna say…’omg the regrowth ’ but let’s all relax and remember that EVERYONE else is gonna be the same. And if they aren’t well then they have some black market hairdressing going on, they are naturally blessed (Damn you) or the absolute worst reason ever…..Box Colour!!!

I will say this once and once only….BACK AWAY FROM THE BOX COLOUR LOVE, DO NOT DO IT!!!! It NEVER ends well, it ends up too dark….too light…over processed…orange or all of the above. Box colour contains huge amounts of metallic salts which can and will react to professional colour. When these chemical reactions happen it can permanently damage the hair with zero chance of revival. Your hair will literally melt into chewing gum…I’m not joking, it ain’t pretty on anyone. Box colours are a one size fits all kinda thing, it’s to ‘suit’ every head on the planet. This doesn’t take into account how dark/light your natural colour is, how dense/fine your texture is or, how what your porosity levels are. All of this means that they often include peroxide that is far too strong for your hair, leaving it over processed and damaged.

With all the being said, I’m not a complete party pooper. I do want you to look and feel beautiful, so why not try a root touch up spray? These are a great alternative and will have you picture perfect for your zoom meetings or your grand outing to woolies for bread.

While your forced into your momentary pause on normal life, now you can focus on hair health. Working from the inside out, I would start with some amazing inner love that will kick that sad and dreary hair to the curb. Apotecari is an amazing range of supplements that encourage scalp, follicle and hair health while promoting hair growth. Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care Founder, Simone Abaron, is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritionist. She created these magic potions when her own hair became damaged from years of over processing and neglect. Apotecari’s dietary supplements have been formulated for all hair types, supporting in cases of dehydration, thinning hair, hair loss, stunts in growth, postpartum hair changes, dullness, textural changes, damaged hair and scalp conditions.

*Hair food*

Is a powder supplement that can be blended into a smoothie, rolled into your favourite protein ball or drank on its own with your favourite milk product. This is a beauty for improving strand strength, creating supple scalps, making healthy follicles and glossy hair. All of this and being suitable for pregnancy, breast feeding, men, women, non binary, and those going through or recovering from medical treatments.

*Crowning Glory*

Scientifically-designed to restore balance, feed the skin and enrich the scalp landscape, in turn nurturing the strands and future health of one’s hair, at the root where it counts.

This scalp and hair-loving nutrition replenishes the life back into dull hair by enriching the scalp from within, in turn nurturing the roots and future health of your hair. Packed with plant-based omegas, anti inflammatories and premium vitamins for targeted scalp and hair health, CROWNING GLORY has been scientifically formulated to hydrate, nourish, balance scalp oils and supports the ageing of the strands and scalp, with a simple daily dose. Our boss lady Blair always says, your scalp is like the soil and our hair is like the tree. Happy soil = Happy tree. Happy Scalp = Freaking Glorious Hair.

*Mane Event*

Oh I would be lying if I didn’t say that this product was a fav! Intense growth and repair -What’s not to love??

This hair-loving formulation is an injection of premium plant-based herbs, aminos, vitamins and minerals is scientifically formulated to build hair, generate growth, improve condition and increase length from within. A simple daily dose of building blocks our hair requires to grow along with antioxidants to help us fight future damage. This is literal length in a bottle, and no I am not kidding.

After you have your inners beautified it’s time to get your moisture and protein on. Now let’s say it together…I promise myself I will do a hair mask once a week . I know I know, the kids won’t leave you alone, the dog has eaten something funky, work won’t stop. You just don’t have the time? Okay now let’s get real, 10mins once a week will not kill you. Get in the shower shampoo twice (Once to remove the gunk & second to actually clean), then get that mask on. My love is profound for our Rebuilding mask by OWAY. This wonder product is made for some intensive repair. It packs a punch with moisture, proteins and essential ceramides all while smoothing the outlet layer of your hair. How clever!

If you aren’t in need of the heavy duty biz, Everescents’ deep treatment is a lush once a week beauty that loads up on moisture and revitalise our sad hair. After you’ve applied your mask, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, rinse and your back to your grind.

Hop out of your shower, towel dry your hair gently, now it’s time to get your protection on. Oway's Thermal stress protect is simply just a must. It protects from all heat sources, creates shine and gives hold to your style…yes it is magnificent. It can be used in wet and dry hair so don’t be shy.

Once you have your thermal protect in, grab some of Oways luscious Glossy nectar. One or two pumps is enough to tame some frizz, nourish and shine up those locks. This rebuilding oil will give some love to even the most damaged of hair. Using it with Oways Curly potion on those curly gals will lock in moisture and take away the days of looking like Hagrids sister, you can thank me later. Again it can use wet and dry…talk about convenient. Now you are free to blowdry or air dry your hair. It really is fool proof.

Here’s a link to our shop which has all of the aforementioned products. This really will make such a difference to the inner and outer fabulousness of your hair. Whatever you choose to do this lockdown, there’s no judgement (except if you use box colour, I will still love you, but I will have my judgey eyes on you). We are all trying our best so be kind, spread happiness and moisturise your hair. Can’t wait to see you soon.

Stay Safe, Dee xx

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