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Last Minute Mindful Gift Guide

Have you thought about gifting mindfully this year, giving peace, health and calm to your loved ones and our precious earth? With holiday season fast approaching, we share our favourite sustainable, earth friendly and mindful gifts that we currently have for purchase in Salon.

1. Hanako Therapies 'Wake me up and Calm me down' Gift Pack, $58.95

This intentional duo is designed to help you create a moment of sacred stillness, deep replenishment and reconnection to self. It's time to Awaken to your inner world and Dream big.

What's Inside:

- Awakening Mist: An amazing citrusy wake-me up elixir using pure essential oils of the Lemon Scented Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle grounded and soothed with Australian Sandalwood. A blend to awaken, revitalise and reconnect the whole being. Honour yourself, your heart and your authentic power. Stay with yourself and listen closely to your inner knowing, the answers lie within.

- Dream Mist: A sleep time aromatherapy blend, helping to calm the mind, centre the energy and create space within oneself to breathe, unify and deeply relax. Floral but very fresh, Rose Geranium leads the way in scent, blended amongst other calming 100% pure essential oils it is then popped with the lightness and expansion of Petitgrain and Eucalyptus and grounded in Frankincense.

- Complimentary Amazonite Crystal: A stone of peace, truth, harmony, and communication. Its rejuvenating vibrations are here to gently soothe the spirit and calm the heart, restoring harmony and balance. Keep this stone with you at all times, to feel grounded and safe in your space.


2. Apothecary 'The Crown' Limited Edition Gift Set, $74.95

A spa-like scalp treatment for an invigorated crown, inside and out.

Designed to ease tension and detoxify, Apotecari’s shampoo brush reinvigorates the outer being, exfoliating the scalp for a deeper clean of product build up, pollution, sweat, dirt & dead skin cells, for enhanced scalp & strand wellness. Increased blood flow to the scalp & hair root expediently delivers the nutrients in Apotecari’s Crowning Glory® for optimal efficacy. Working to intensively hydrate & fortify the scalp from within, a daily dose of this targeted nutrition contains the finest-quality, scalp-nurturing ingredients to reveal your healthiest scalp & strands yet.


• 1 month Crowning Glory® (60 soft capsules) • Apotecari’s 5-in-1 scalp & shampoo brush | Exfoliate, Massage, Detox, Detangle, Grow



3. Ettitude Organic Bamboo Lyocell Waffle Hair Towels, $46.

Save time with our super absorbent towel that’s gentle on hair thanks to Ettitude's exclusive, sustainable CleanBamboo™ waffle weave fabric. Quickly go from wet to damp and say goodbye to the frizz, friction and flyaways caused by ordinary towels.

  • Wrap your hair in the crescent shaped towel, then twist and fasten with the earth-friendly tagua nut button

  • Made with 100% organic bamboo

  • Moisture-wicking - hair dries quickly as honeycomb design draws moisture into base layer, making towel more absorbent than traditional towels

  • Suitable for most hair types - elastic band and stretchy waffle fabric adjust to secure curly hair, fine hair and everything in between

  • Hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals and ideal for sensitive skin


4. Hardcover 'Making Peace Before You Eat' plant-based cookbook by Angie Cowen, $50

More than the 80 delicious gluten free, plant-based recipes bound together with stunning

photography – this book will enrich, nourish and deeply inspire a beautiful way of living.

Angie has spent many years catering the best yoga retreats across Australia and draws from this rich experience when creating her stunning recipes. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience one of her meals at a yoga retreat you’ll know that every mouthful of her organic and biodynamic dishes are a sensory explosion of joy, taste and nourishment.


5. Everescents Christmas Gift Packs, from $53.95

EverEscents Organic Hair Care offers a pure and natural Organic hair care range that is plant based using certified organic ingredients merged together from the abundant Australian environment.

EverEscents is the home of Organic shampoo, Organic conditioner, Organic treatments and Organic hair styling products. Sold and recommended exclusively by professional salons. The EverEscents philosophy is to offer a high quality professional range of hair care products that are made with Organic ingredients whilst all business practices are conducted with the utmost respect for the environment.

EverEscents Organic Hair Care is Australia’s leading brand of professional quality Organic hair care, offering a beautiful range of unique products to suit every hair and scalp type. Featuring ethically and sustainably sourced Vegan ingredients that are Certified Cruelty Free and Australian Made in a Certified Organic factory. All products are meticulously formulated and tested to be the safest yet most effective on the market and all products are hand-crafted with the best possible ingredients. No toxins, no fillers and no questionable ingredients.

Each pack contains: 250ml Shampoo, 250ml Conditioner (each are refillable in salon) and a Deep treatment or Hair Enhancer. Pack valued at over $80


6. Hanako Therapies Affirmation Cards, $34.95

A Deck of 45 energy healing cards to nourish your being. Perfect for a Holiday gift.


1. Shuffle the cards.

2. Call upon God/Angels/or higher power (whatever you believe in), and think of a question you’d like an answer to or ask “What is it that I need guidance on today?”

3. Use your intuition and choose a card from the deck.

4. Carry this card around with you in a safe place for the day or place it at your front door, fridge, sacred space or anywhere that suits you to act as a reminder of the energy supporting you this day.

Remember… there is no right or wrong way of using the deck. If a card pops out of the deck, this may be the card for you today.

May your days be filled with insights, connection and loving support.


7. Ettitude Organic Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcase set, $60

With Ettitude's signature bamboo lyocell fabric, it’s silky-soft, cooling and sustainable.

The silky-soft sateen weave pillowcase set is soft and comfortable against your skin, gentle on your hair and made with our exclusive, sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Made with 100% organic bamboo

  • Cooling effect - breathable weave cools and adjusts for a comfortable sleep

  • Feels smooth like silk, comparable to cotton 1,000 thread count

  • Hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals and ideal for sensitive skin


8. Pura Services Gift Vouchers - your choice of purchase value

At Pura, we focus on holistic approach to inner and outer wellness for beautiful hair, alongside a thriving body and a happy heart. Our salon is a place where we come together and nurture true, authentic connections in a welcoming and empowering environment and give back to the people and the planet.

Our focus is on high-quality, gorgeous, healthy hair with the total connection of hair, body & mind. Our friendly expert team will work with you on creating and achieving your desired hair and scalp goals as well as educate you on how to maximise your style whilst adding health to your hair, your scalp, your body and your mind.

As a part of our 360 degree approach to hair with wellness, we offer some Trichology as well as a microscopic hair and scalp analysis in order to understand better the potential root causes of your hair and scalp issues, that may not be visible to the naked eye. From there, we can offer a personalised, comprehensive and prescriptive treatment plan in order to achieve the best results. Some concerns that can be addressed include dandruff, desquamation, excess sebum, sensitive scalp, redness, irritation, scalp dermatitis and hair loss. We can also treat many conditions of the Hair in a more Holistic and Natural Approach. We are Canberra's only salon to offer Trichology hair and scalp analysis and therapy, using only biodynamic ingredients.

Every aspect of the salon looks to ensure a low tox, pampering, organic, plant-based and sustainable experience. From the indulgent pre-service and during-service head massages to our 'replenish' take-home products refill station and carefully selected organic health-supportive teas, we aim to have you leaving our space feeling relaxed, calm, happy and knowing you are beautiful.



We also have available a range of stocking stuffers such as Naturopathic Vegan Chocolate, House Made Organic Teas, Bamboo Lyocell Scrunchie Sets and Product Minis or Sachets.

Come visit us in store for all your mindful gifts that are great for your loved ones and great for the planet!

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